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Manufacturers of air source heat pumps

Last updated 8/14/2019

Many of the companies making air source heat pumps today will sound familiar to you. Heat pump manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Carrier also make other heating and cooling technologies or household appliances, such as air conditioners, microwaves, and televisions. Most companies offer both ducted and ductless systems.

Top 7 air source heat pump manufacturers and products

There are a few companies that stand above the rest when it comes to air source heat pumps. It’s important to do your research before purchasing, and speak with qualified contractors to make sure you’re getting the best air source heat pump for your needs.


  • Established: 1870
  • Types of heat pumps: Ducted, Ductless
  • Known for: Cold climate heat pumps, Diamond Contractors

Mitsubishi carries many types of air source heat pumps, including a variety in both outdoor and indoor units that a homeowner can mix and match. Their wall-mounted heads can also come in multiple colors if aesthetics are a concern (including white, black and silver). In addition to wall mounted mini splits, they have indoor units that can be mounted on the floor or horizontally ducted.  Mitsubishi has a network of qualified professionals, known as Diamond Contractors, that achieve that status by going through training, demonstrating exceptional customer service and installing a large amount of Mitsubishi systems. They’re also known for their hyper-heating technology, which uses a compressor system that can deliver heat at outside temperatures as low as -13 degrees F.

Carrier Residential

  • Established: 1902
  • Types of heat pumps: Ducted, Ductless
  • Known for: Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier Residential has a popular line of ducted air source heat pumps, in the Infinity Series, the Performance Series, and the Comfort Series. Their Infinity series in particular has high SEER ratings, with the lowest SEER rating in the line being 15.5 and the highest at 42. In their Infinity line they can also boast of systems with Greenspeed Intelligence, which is a label given to their products that are the perfect combination of high efficiency and quiet during operation. Carrier Residential also partners with Toshiba for many of their ductless products, and have a entire commercial series of products with them. Carrier has a sister company called Bryant that produces similar products at a slightly reduced price.


  • Established: 1935
  • Types of heat pumps: Ducted, Ductless
  • Known for: Cold climate heat pumps

Fujitsu carries lines of both central, ducted systems and mini split systems. Their mini-split systems are branded under the Halcyon name and, like Mitsubishi, have a number of types of mounting available for their indoor units, including wall mounted, floor mounted, compact cassette, and more. Like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu also offers a number of mini splits that work well in cold climates; their Extra Low Temperature Heating (XLTH) series can operate in temperatures as low as -15 degrees fahrenheit.


  • Established: 1918
  • Types of heat pumps: Ductless, VRF (for large commercial buildings)
  • Known for: Intelligent Sensors

Panasonic is a brand name that many people are familiar with for other technologies, but they also make mini split systems. They also produce multiple variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, which are air source heat pumps for very large buildings (such as for commercial properties). In regards to their mini-split systems, they offer multiple types of the technology, including both single and multi-zone. Some of their notable lines are the Exterios E series and the Pro series. Panasonic mini splits may also have their Econavi sensors, which can sense movement and where people are in the room and direct the airflow in their direction, therefore saving on energy.


  • Established: 1958
  • Types of heat pumps: Ducted, VRF (for large commercial buildings)
  • Known for: Art Cool

Like Panasonic, LG is a big name: not only do they produce residential air source heat pumps, but VRF systems as well. One thing that sets LG apart from many manufacturers is their “Art Cool” offering, where homeowners can customize their indoor air source heat pump units with photographs or paintings to make the technology look more like a piece of art than a home cooling and heating system.


  • Established: 1885
  • Types of heat pumps: Ducted, Ductless
  • Known for: Trane Comfort Specialists

Trane produces both ducted and ductless air source heat pump systems, and have been around for over 120 years. They dub their certified contractors with the name of Trane Comfort Specialists. Trane also has a similar sister company called American Standard that also produces air source heat pumps. Both are under the parent company called Ingersoll.


  • Established: 1924
  • Types of heat pumps: Ducted, Ductless
  • Known for: Daikin Comfort Pros and 3D Dealers

Daikin manufactures a good amount of both ducted and ductless systems. Similar to Mitsubishi’s Diamond network, Daikin boasts of a dealer network (Daikin Comfort Pros and Daikin 3D Dealers) that have gone through training and keep their certifications by achieving good customer service. In 2012, the company also acquired Goodman Manufacturing, a popular company that specializes in ducted, packaged air source heat pumps rather than mini-splits.

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