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Last updated 8/25/2021

Where can you find the best electric vehicles (EVs) today? As demand and interest in EVs increases, more and more manufacturers are beginning to produce and sell electric cars. Like looking for a conventional vehicle, knowing which brands/car models are reliable and respected can be a solid guideline in your buying process.

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7 top electric car manufacturers and vehicles

Which electric vehicle companies produce the best cars? Many car manufacturers are beginning to roll out electric vehicles, all offering gasoline-free driving packaged in a unique car experience. Because electric vehicles are still relatively new to the road, most car companies currently only produce one EV model.

EVs are a separate class of vehicle from traditional gasoline-powered cars, and it’s vital to understand how to compare your different electric car options. Your top choice of electric car may be the one with the highest range, or you could be looking for the most inexpensive option. An electric vehicle can be a serious investment, and it is important to make sure that the vehicle you are purchasing has a positive review history, and is generally respected in the car industry.


Tesla, Elon Musk’s innovative technology company, is known for producing high quality, cutting-edge vehicles with high-end and creative features. Tesla’s two most popular vehicles are the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, and increasingly, the lower-cost Tesla Model 3.

The Model S is Tesla’s luxury sedan, and at the time of its first release, was the highest rated vehicle ever tested by Consumer Reports. The Model X is the electric SUV from Tesla, and features falcon wing doors, room for seven passengers, and almost 300 miles in range per charge. The Model 3 is a low-cost sedan option for those not wanting to pay the high price for the Model S luxury vehicle.


BMW is a German car company that produces luxury cars. Recently, they have entered the electric car market with the BMW i3, an all-electric luxury SUV with a compact 5-seater designed primarily for urban and suburban traveling.


Headquartered in Japan, Nissan has sold the most EVs of any manufacturer worldwide. Their electric car offerings are led by the Nissan Leaf. The world’s most popular electric vehicle, the Leaf offers all the benefits of driving electric, while staying available with a relatively low price point.


Chevrolet is the automotive section of American company General Motors, and sells a wide range of vehicles worldwide. Chevy’s first foray into the all-electric car market is the Chevrolet Bolt, which offers over 220 miles per charge at a price far below other long-range vehicles, such as Tesla’s current lineup.


Ford is a classic American car maker, producing a plethora of vehicles for sale worldwide from pickup trucks to plug-in hybrids. Their leading electric vehicle is the Ford Focus Electric. An electric version of the popular Ford Focus, the Focus Electric is an affordable EV with all the look and feel of a standard vehicle, but with over 100 miles per charge in its battery.


Volkswagen is a German automaker known for the VW Beetle offering an affordable and reliable electric option in the Volkswagen e-Golf. Another relatively inexpensive EV, the e-Golf has a battery range around 80 miles per charge, and feels like a traditional Volkswagen automobile.


Kia is a South Korean car company that has emerged as an affordable and dependable company to rival brands like Toyota and Honda. Their best-selling electric car is the Kia Soul EV. The Soul EV, like the Focus Electric, looks and feels just like its non-electric twin, the Soul, but with a 100-mile electric battery beneath the hood.

Any of the above vehicles can be great EV options. It is important to keep in mind that a key difference between EV manufacturers can be the warranties they offer alongside their vehicles. Check out our guide to for more information on some of the differences between top electric vehicle company warranties.

Compare and discover new electric vehicles

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