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Spruce Finance - Profile & Reviews

Lease a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system with fixed monthly payments. Or purchase the power the system produces each month, the same way you pay your utility. Either way, you get free monitoring, maintenance, and insurance, as well as strong consumer protections.

Also available, solar loans are great if you prefer to own the solar PV system. Our homeowner loans offer attractive, flexible terms and strong consumer protections.

34 reviews

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  • "Billing NIGHTMARES"

    Reviewed Dec 27, 2021

    I would give ZERO stars if I could.

    We signed a contract with NRG for our solar panels. We were paying for our panels on a monthly basis. Since then, NRG sold out to this ridiculous company that seems to change their name regularly. Their business name can range from Spruce Power, Spruce Solar, Spruce Juniper, Spruce Juniper Solar, and I have seen some other names for them online. Anyhow... their address listed on the last snail mail we got from them is Spruce Juniper, PO Box 650499, Dallas TX 75265-0499.

    As I write this review, I am currently on hold with them right now. I called their business phone listed on the mail which listed as 888-636-0336. I called this number one hour ago and I have been on hold since.

    The reason for my call to Spruce Juniper seems to be the same as many other complaints I see about them online. While I have been on hold I have been researching Spruce Juniper via Google search. We too have electronic withdrawals for our monthly payments and we just got a letter from Spruce Juniper claiming that our monthly payment is late. However, when we look at our monthly bank statement, that very payment that they claim is late has been paid from our bank account.

    This Spruce Juniper is a disgrace. Everyone really should contact their State's Attorney General and there should also be a class action lawsuit against this company. They are beyond pathetic and should NEVER EVER be in operation. I will be making a complaint through our state's Attorney General.

  • "Enron DNA Plus Incompetent"

    Reviewed Dec 27, 2021

    Run away from this company. They are predatory. They delay mailing your bill, give you 14 days to pay then assess late fees. They tried to slip in a non ACH charge until i complained. Their bills do not show consumption charge and posting of cash receipts.
    Their website has multiple balances due within a short period of time for no apparent reason. if you overpay, there is no trail to show how they accounted for it.

    My solar system wasn't generating expect output. They finally sent some one out to look. He told be the installation was faulty, there was water damage and mildew in the roof connectors and there was nothing he could do. Fortunately, I am on a PPA so the reduced output will only hurt their tax shelter investors. My power rates, once the crooked Enron deals expired have come down to comparable rates or lower than the PPA

    Spruce needs to be hit with a class action, It is a deceptive company. Avoid at all costs. I am stuck

  • "Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With"

    Reviewed Dec 24, 2021

    1 star just to leave a review!
    Since transferring the solar lease when we purchased our house, this company has been nothing but a nightmare. They have one 888 number, no one ever answers it. After ringing for 5 minutes, it transfers to their call center, who then tells you that they will call you back within 24-48 hours... what?!?!?!? How is this a customer service number when I cant get a hold of anyone. Then days go by and NO phone call. They have one support email: which apparently no one monitors.
    My inverter has failed since October 2021. It is now the end of December and still no resolution. During these months of solar not being produced, Spruce is still collecting their monthly fee, and SDGE (Electric Company) is now charging me for the electric I am using; which is equating to $350 a month in addition. After dozens of emails and phone calls "demanding to speak to a supervisor" I get through. But its only after they state that the supervisor will call me a later date.... smh.
    When the supervisor finally calls, its at 8PM and the caller ID states "Toll Free" number. I didn't answer it, so he leaves a message. I finally get a hold of him and state my case that:
    "It should not take several months to send someone out to troubleshoot/investigate an issue with a customer (there's no urgency) and while my issue is not being resolved, I am paying Spruce Power monthly for service I am not being provided and having to come out of pocket with SDGE. Does that seem right?"
    "His response was that Spruce Power is not obligated or responsible to reimburse me for out of pocket expenses."
    This whole issue is because the lack of professionalism with Spruce Power and why is it taking so long to get a response and a technician sent out to correct the problem. It should NOT take 2 months to subcontract out a technician. He had no valid answer except Spruce Power is not reimbursing me.

    What is the purpose of Solar Panels if they do not work and the company that owns it and is responsible for it, does not provide any type of service whatsoever. NO Customer Support, their billing department is horrific, their website that "monitors" the production is garbage and in-accurate, I can go on and on. Worst decision I have ever made. I am currently trying to figure out a way to get out of this lease that they purchased from Sungevity. Their own site is full of NEGATIVE reviews and the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has 108 complaints in last 3 years and 83 complaints in last 12 months. This shows you how horrible this business is and I just don't understand how this is legal or how they aren't being audited or looked into.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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