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Apollo Energy - Profile & Reviews

We are experts in Solar and Battery backup. We service all of Utah, and parts of surrounding states. We are master electricians and general contractors that have been in business since 1999. We strongly focus on educating customers on every option to meet their goals.
We specialize in solar and battery backup for homes and cabins.

Our perfect customers are:
Grid-tied Homes looking to....
Save money on power.
Battery backup for emergencies.

Off-grid homes/cabins needing....
Solar/Batteries for main power
Solar to offset energy costs

6 reviews

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  • "Smooth solar with Apollo"

    "Smooth solar with Apollo"

    Reviewed Dec 10, 2021

    My installation was the exception. Previously installed solar had to be coupled with additional panels to power a battery system. Acquiring materials was held up at manufacturing levels and took entirely too long to arrive. Once they showed up, Apollo was there and installation was friendly, efficient and smooth. They know me by name and are good to answer and reply to questions. Thanks Apollo.

    Landon Brown
    Response from Apollo Energy
    Responded Dec 13, 2021
    Response from Apollo Energy
    Responded Dec 13, 2021

    Shannon, Thank you for the kind words! Also thank you for being patient while waiting for your equipment to arrive. It was so great to work with you and Jim. We love large battery projects.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help keep your energy on, no matter what.

  • "Apollo is a first class solar company"

    Reviewed Dec 03, 2021

    The team at Apollo led by Landon Brown is a great company to work with. They are knowledgeable, professional, and provide a delightful, comprehensive experience. From initial evaluation, Landon patiently answered our many questions, demonstrating his extensive knowledge in Solar solutions. While install was delayed due to equipment shortages, the team led by Jake did a professional job. When we had some initial system issues, the Apollo team responded promptly to resolve the problem & keep our solar system generating power. Thank you Landon & Jake for such a terrific solar experience. We highly recommend Apollo to anyone who appreciates great value and a high standard of service.

    Landon Brown
    Response from Apollo Energy
    Responded Dec 03, 2021
    Response from Apollo Energy
    Responded Dec 03, 2021

    Helen, thanks for the kind words and being patient with us while we dealt with shortages on materials. We loved working with you and G and answering your many many questions. You know I like to kid, Thanks again for your continuing support!

  • "Professional, Trustworthy Solar Installation -- Who Would've Thunk?"

    "Professional, Trustworthy Solar Installation -- Who Would've Thunk?"

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2021

    We had been considering solar power for our home for some time. Many of the flyer passers had been through the neighborhood offering to lower our electric bills with promises of free installation performed in record time. These guys had plenty of selling experience and zero electrical experience. We weren't biting.

    In late 2017, I went to a friend's cabin and saw that they had a small solar panel setup to feed some batteries in the shed. I started asking questions and ended up getting in contact with Landon at Apollo Energy.

    He came to our house complete with brochures, just like the other guys. But he also brought with him credentials and the backing of 30+ years of electrical work, both commercial and residential. Landon didn't make promises he (or Apollo) couldn't keep.

    When we said we were interested, Landon went to work and ensured that we could safely put panels on our roof, that they would get sunshine and could be connected to a battery backup system. He estimated the power output that his 22-panel system would provide, and he even warned us that the system would produce less power in the winter when the sun spent too much time behind some really tall trees in our yard.

    We agreed to buy the system (solar panels, inverters, transfer switches, and battery backup) that Landon recommended. After that, stuff started happening! Apollo Energy took care of contacting the county and the power company to notify them that they were getting ready to do a solar installation. They even provided us with the papers needed for the rebate that we were eligible for.

    Shortly after we signed the papers, boxed solar panels showed up at our house. A week or so later, some more stuff in boxes showed up. Then some guys who were actual Apollo Energy employees -- not a bunch of contractors in unmarked trucks -- also showed up and started climbing on the roof and making a bunch of racket. I don't remember exactly, but I think after a week or two, they had the panels up, switches and inverters in place, battery backup ready and in place, and we waited for approval to cut-in the system. Approval came, the system turned on and we have been producing solar power for our house since the summer of 2018.

    Just after power-up, they noticed that I had a gasoline generator. They suggested that they could provide a connection to the battery for the generator in case the panels could not produce power due to long-lasting extreme weather conditions, or snow buildup. We put the connection in. These guys even accommodated a last minute change of location for all the internal components!

    We have been really impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness, workmanship, and ongoing availability. They have always been helpful. I show off my "power room" to all of my nerd friends.

    Landon Brown
    Response from Apollo Energy
    Responded Dec 06, 2021
    Response from Apollo Energy
    Responded Dec 06, 2021

    Pete, Thanks for your review and sharing your experience with the world. Yours was a very fun project. Myself and my team loved working with you! Thanks again for trusting us with your power!

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator

Unfortunately, solar is not one size fits all.
At Apollo Energy, we want to educate you on which system is best in your specific situation. Whether that be the difference in solar panels, inverters, or financing, we strive for transparency and accuracy throughout the process.
With us having installed thousands of systems, there’s no problem we cannot solve. Due to the fact we are general contractors and master electricians, every step of the process is handled in-house. From the initial quote to turning your system on, we will be with you every step of the way.

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    AC/DC Coupled Off-Grid Home Walkthrough
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    How does a home battery system work?
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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Apollo Energy Headquarters

3648 S 3650 W
West Haven, UT
84401 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years on solar equipment and labor. 12 Years on battery equipment.


Solar Edge Fundamentals Certificate





States served by Apollo Energy

  • Idaho ID ,
  • Utah UT ,
  • Wyoming WY

Languages spoken by Apollo Energy